In-School Holiday Gift Shoppe / Store/ Fair / Boutique & Bazaar      
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Gifts for all family members and friends: (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Sister, Brother, Aunt,    
Uncle, Godmother, Godfather, Pets and Teachers).

FREE budget envelopes for your in-school holiday fair.
FREE decorated tablecloths and posters.
FREE gift bags for your santa secret shop.
FREE delivery and pickup.
A complete inventory sheet for your accounting needs.
A large inventory of over 120 different items on consignment.
Progammed Cash Register
Free re-orders next day delivery
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The Snowman Gift Shoppe gives students the opportunity to learn how to shop, make good choices, and decide what they want for mom,
dad and other relatives.   
Margaret - Elementary School Principal - New York

Thanks for such a great in-school holiday gift program, it was a new avenue for us to go down, to allow the children to shop for their own
Christmas gifts.  We made it into a fun night, with great services for the kids.  We gave out candy canes and offered gift wrapping with
the bags you supplied.  We will definitely see you next year!  
Ann - New Jersey

Our Santa’s secret shop was a great success thanks to your company!  The no inventory program was great!  Also the coded merchandise
with the cash register made our life so much easier. See you guys again for 2010.
Mary -North Carolina

We could not decide on a holiday shop this year so we found you on the PTO today website, and looked you up, glad we did.  Your
products are great, very good quality and priced right.  We had it during the day and then an event at night.  When the cars drove down
the lane near our school and saw the 8 reindeers on the lawn they knew they were at the holiday fair!  They were so excited! It was
great to see all the smiles on all the little kids’ faces.  See you next year.
 Margaret – Ohio

We loved to see the kids going shopping at the in-school holiday bazaar.  Set-up was so easy with your easy inventory system, and the no
inventory return program is the greatest.  Since everything is on consignment we had nothing to lose. The kids walked in and jingle bells
was playing on the school’s PA system and they just were so happy shopping for their own gifts.  That is what Christmas is all about.  
Christina - Texas

Your shop supplied us with merchandise galore for the kids to buy their gifts; we never had such a great selection with any other
company we used in the past.  We set-up the gifts in different sections, we had a kid’s corner, we had kids dressed up as elfs, we had a
section decorated like the North Pole, and with wooden penguins it looked great.  The line of crystal items you had were great. Kids are
smart and they love to buy their mom’s gifts that sparkle!  We do not use it as a fundraiser; we do not make any profit, so the prices were
right.  Thanks for helping us run a great holiday boutique for our little ones.  Be back next year.
 Josephine - Connecticut

Thanks for the great selection of gifts for our Mother’s and Father’s Day Gift Shoppe.  We did this event instead of the school store and
Candy Sale.  It was a big success.
 Pat - Indiana

We could not decide on what to do for the children for the Christmas Holiday, your gift shoppe was a great solution.  This is not a  School
fundraiser, your prices were great and everyone loved your Santa shop selection.  We set it up in different stations, kids, ladies, men’s,
holidays.  Very easy. Thanks.
 Shawn – Florida

Gift quality was a priority for the parents and the pta, and you satisfied everyone. Thank you.  Monica – Virginia

This is a mega event for our school.  It is not a fundraiser, just a fun time for the kids to buy gifts for their family and their pals.  The fair
was great.  We had games set-up and it was fun to spot the children selecting their special gifts, for their mom's and dad's.  Yolanda,
Holiday Fair Coordinator – Georgia

Your customer service was great, and very helpful!  Susan –  PTO Chariperson – Ohio

Your inventory program for your Christmas fair was simple thanks to the way you pack your boxes, thanks for saving so much of our
valuable time, it was great.  Joan,  Home School President - Michigan
Celebrate the Holidays and make the memories last for ever!
* 100% on Consignment.  
* No hassle inventory program.
* Pay only for the items you sell.                                            
* We customize your kit to your needs.                             
* Most gifts are priced under $5.00.                
* Gifts for all family members.
* We customize your holiday gift store to your needs.  
* Beautiful gifts for Mother's Day and Father's Day.
* Coded merchandise and cash registers are available.
* We offer a great selection of merchandise for your school's fair.
* Sign-up incentives & after sales bonuses.
* Free shopping supplies for your school's holiday gift shop.
Toll free1-866-258-9509
Snowman Gift Shoppe
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Snowman Gift Shoppe is the In-School Holiday Shopping Program that is Fun, Safe, Popular, Convenient and Educational for every child!
In-School Holiday Gift Shoppe / Store/ Fair / Boutique & Bazaar      
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